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Our expertly trained autism service dogs offer safety and freedom to families. A BluePath service dog’s primary role is to provide safety for a child out in public. The dogs are trained to prevent a child from bolting, either into the street or away from parents in a crowded area. They also provide children with much needed companionship, increased social acknowledgment from peers, opportunities for independence and increased levels of confidence. 

“Our son’s autism service dog has been an incredible addition to our family. She has brought us an additional sense of safety and comfort and her impact on our lives goes way beyond anything we ever could have imagined. She has encouraged his language, taught him to overcome fears, and been a faithful companion no matter the circumstance. Our organically happy, affectionate, kind, compassionate, life-loving little man has only blossomed with his dog by his side.” 

Families that apply for an autism service dog must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The child must be between the ages of 3 & 11 years old.

  • The child must have an autism diagnosis.

  • The child must live within a two-hour drive of our offices in Hopewell Junction, NY.

  • The child must need the dog for safety.

  • Everyone in the home must be supportive of having a service dog and no one can be allergic to dogs. 

  • The family must understand that an autism service dog is a serious commitment requiring diligence and practice.  Regular follow-up visits and annual recertification are required components of service dog placements.

  • One or both parents must be able to travel to our location and stay in a hotel for five days of training with your new dog. During this period, you will be certified as a handler for a BluePath autism service dog. 

Each BluePath dog comes with thousands of hours of training from dedicated volunteers and professional staff.  Our cost to prepare these incredible dogs is upwards of $40,000, yet thanks to the ongoing generosity of our supporters, BluePath service dogs - and intensive, ongoing follow up support - are provided free of charge.  

Families will be required to purchase a specific list of equipment and supplies, and to cover the cost of room and board for the week of Team Training.  These expenses will total approximately $1,200.

Please review all of the information on our Applicant FAQs page. Consider whether your family meets all the criteria and if you are able to commit to our extensive training process. If you still feel an autism service dog is right for you, we welcome you to complete our service dog application.

Service Dog Application

If you have any questions, please send us an email.